Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Year, and some new thoughts

Next month will mark 19 years of my consulting in the diamond and jewelry industry.  It has been a great run and I have enjoyed most of it.  I will not, of course, have another 19 years of doing the same.  I think now, at the outset of 2011, of the remarkable changes that have transpired, and of the greater ones to come.  So, I wish to make the most of the years to come, however many they may be.

I still have much work to do, thankfully.  But it also time to open a conversation with anyone inclined to consider the larger world within which we operate.  The jewelry industry is introverted, small, and entrepreneurial.  But we are nevertheless buffeted by an astounding variety of societal and technological revolutions.

So I open this blog in the hope that friends, colleagues and fellow members of this great industry will use it for a frank and profitable venue for discourse.

I can't promise to chime in every day, as I will be preoccupied at various times.  I will do my best to contribute and respond.

So let us begin!